English Club

Coming soon!


We at Chelsea Learning are developing a fantastic service for 2022. The service is what we call our ‘English club.’

English Club is designed FOR the children, but INSPIRED by the problems in which parents face daily. 

The program is designed for a parents peace of mind, a place where children can go after school has ended, for them to enjoy themselves until their parent collects them.

What is English Club? English Club is an interactive entertainment program for school children to join when they finish school. We feel that our English Club will be a form of ‘social hub’ for primary school students (ages 7- 15 years) , a place where they can relax ,  have fun, be entertained, to socialize and to interact in the English language .

The club will be open from 13.00 to 17.00 from 2020 and will start with a 3 day/ week program. The children may arrive as soon as they finish school and they leave when the parent or guardian collects them.

 There will be no set times for age groups or for their English level, the club will be open to all, at the given times. The students will be in monitored mix groups, cared for by our friendly and creative animators. The animators will be at the club from 13:00-17:00, 3 x a week. 

Disclaimer: English Club is NOT intentionally created to teach children the English language, although all entertainments (books, boardgames, movies, tech. Etc) WILL be in English. Our English Club is a program based on after school activities.

 If you would like your child to attend English lessons , please go to our ‘courses’ section. 
 Payments for the club will be on a one day/ week basis, or a three times/ week basis, paid monthly.